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Find a Travel Buddy at The SPOT at Celebration! 

Thursday, April 6th | 2PM – 4PM


Want to travel on one of Celebration’s group adventures, but need a travel partner to share a room? 

Join Celebration Senior Travel for a fun afternoon with refreshments and Round Robin to meet potential travel buddies. 

At this event, you will have a chance to meet other single travelers, face-to-face, who are looking for someone to share a room and the cost of one of Celebration Senior Travel’s trips. 

Travel Buddies are NOT CARETAKERS!
Picking a travel buddy, is just that.  You are simply traveling together in the same room to save money on your trip.  You are not responsible for the needs and care of your travel buddy.  Your vacation and your schedule are your own. If you choose to enjoy your time together, wonderful…but you are not obligated to. 

Bring your questions, and your calendar! 

Asking the right questions, upfront and before you commit to a trip, can help you and your future travel buddy understand each other’s expectations. Write down a few questions that you would like to ask at the event.  Celebration will also provide each attendee with a list of questions; we think you should ask. 

To make sure that you are compatible, before booking a trip together, we ask that you and your potential travel buddy, spend some time together. Have lunch, go shopping or just out on the town. Get to know this person so that you feel comfortable sharing small spaces together. 

 Celebration Senior Travel |

The SPOT at Celebration

1350 E Arapaho Rd Suite 126, Richardson, TX 75081

Call 469-532-2622 to Reserve Your Spot at The SPOT! 

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